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July 15th, 2011 by Phil Brown

For those sadists among you who are used to a regular fitness programme, I am starting a new section on training ideas and suggested programmes for strength gains, fat loss, muscle toning and all over balance and stability.

Often in the clinic at Muscle and Movement Health I work with clients to develop small programmes of exercises that increase balance and confidence in movement: these are crucial elements to the process of proper rehabilitation. Once that process is complete, it is possible to develop more rigorous programmes of functional fitness for clients involved in sport or who simply want to increase and then maintain a higher level of strength, stamina and flexibility.

The workouts posted here are aimed at intermediate to advanced sports people or those used to a programme of regular resistance and cardiovascular exercise. With that in mind, here is a resistance and bodyweight circuit I used this morning. I found it very intense, but that was because I have a habit of not resting enough between sets!  You can manage the intensity by increasing the rest between stations anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. The general rule would be not to rest long enough to begin cooling down, but also making sure that you don’t run out of breath entirely!

The amount of weight you use should allow you to complete 10 reps of each exercise with good form  through 3 full circuits of this routine.

Circuit. 3 cycles of 10 reps each exercise: do 1 set then move on to the next exercise and work this 3 times round.

Power clean and press


Wide grip pull ups

Barbell or dumbbell walking lunges (lunge walk holding 2 dumbbells or a loaded barbell across your shoulders)

Push ups (perfect form full range)

Hanging hip curls


TIP: you are working for time here, so if you cannot complete a set, rest and then continue to the 10 to finish the set – you don’t have to complete every set all at once. Be careful to pace yourself as that last circuit can really test you!

Let us know how you get on!  If you email the clinic with your times and you are the fastest over the next 5 days, you will win a free deep tissue massage session here at        Muscle and Movement Health!

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