Soft tissue treatments

Soft tissue therapy

Our soft tissue therapy sessions approach the body globally. Restrictions, tensions and knots are released through a combination of soft tissue manipulation and deep tissue massage. It is these tensions in the soft tissues that can “lock” us into unhelpful postures and movement patterns. Addressing these will improve your performance potential in your sport, as well as the quality of  your daily life at work or play.

Your initial session will include a consultation, treatment, exercise programming and tuition as appropriate.

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Deep tissue and sports massage

Deep tissue massage not only works out the knots and adhesions in trained and tired muscles, but also aids  recovery between events or training sessions.

If you are coming to Muscle and Movement Health following an injury, deep tissue massage work will help speed healing ,  release secondary muscle tensions and get you back to your sport or activity that much more swiftly!

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Myofascial release and powertaping session

Consultation,  myofascial release treatment,  followed by powertaping and tuition for self application. Our powertaping techniques follow continuous lines of connective tissue in the body; focusing on taping and supporting movements and not simply muscles. We use Rocktape for its ability to stretch with your athletic movement, support joints and decompress soft tissue; reducing fatigue and minimising the inflammation resulting from intense physical exercise.

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