RRRRRRUNNERS!!! 5 ways to avoid achilles pain and misery!!!

March 1st, 2019 by Phil Brown



Do this stuff and avoid being off training and a grump around the house because your achilles is feeling like an over – tight guitar string playing “Ace of Spades” out of tune.

Once your achilles tendon is inflamed, it takes a lot of consistent effort and energy to get rid of that “itis”…..wouldn’t you rather be using that time to make progress in your training? 5 EASY FIXES TO AVOID THIS COMMON OVERUSE INJURY will ensure you stay on track for that next personal best!


1. Stttttrrrrrreeeeetch!!!!

Get flexible, save yourself a “world of hurt” as Jesse in Predator puts it. If you “ain’t got time to bleed” then you want to get stretching regularly and with purpose so you can avoid being left at the back of the pack limping and on the menu as prey…….ok enough Predator gags…….

2. Errrrr…..warm up thoroughly? (see “warm up….duh!” coming soon)

You runners are SO bad at this……having a decent warm up strategy is not just a little extra that you do when you have time in your training session, it SHAPES the whole training session by affecting your performance so profoundly that it can make the difference between an hour of POWER……..or, looking and feeling like C3P0 out for a run…………

3. Keep your bum in the picture with regular functional strength work

Achilles tendinitis, calf pain, heel pain and other assorted pains in that area are often the result of that part of your body just getting highly beaten up and peed off enough to start complaining “we’re not gonna take it!” This overwork is often due to a lack of assistance from the biggest muscles in the body – the GLUTES!!! They ┬ácan get sleepy and you need to poke them with a stick to wake them up! Ok, no, don’t really do that, but you do need to wake them up with some focused and dynamic strength work. Box jumps, squats, hip extensions, walking around with your bum cheeks squeezed together (it’s a good look! Honest!)


4. Roadrunner was a very small and light bird………

Vary your running surface – pounding the tarmac is repetitive stress syndrome for the WHOLE body (hence the need for a strength component in your training), so give yourself a break and include some trail and beach runs in your schedule. Get some nice views in too and make sure to wear cool sunglasses while you’re out there…….pink lycra optional.


5. Get a deep tissue or sports massage regularly.

Recovery and performance can be positively affected by a decent treatment. It’s so much easier to keep injuries at bay than to spend time and money getting over them, so find an amazing therapist (ahem!) and book in for some regular TLC and energising for the body you’re expecting to do all this work!

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