Tony Dobbie

January 27th, 2009 by Phil Brown

Ex RAF pilot Tony Dobbie is one of varied people from different walks of life who have benefitted from remedial massage treatment. Read his account of how treatment at Phil Brown Massage helped him to return to the activities he thought he would have to stop.

“I’m 70 years old, but still quite active – both of choice and necessity! We live in an old welsh farmhouse, complete with large outbuildings and about half an acre of garden, all of which require a fair bit of upkeep. Such maintenance involves cutting over 125 metres of hedges, repairing and building dry stone walls and fences and cutting, sawing and chopping timber. Strong winds are more the norm here than the exception, so on occasion storm damage requires me to climb up on the roof to replace and repair slates.

I have been very fortunate in my health during my working life. However, during my teens I had a number of sudden arrivals on the ground – while working on a hayrick on a farm, falling off a parallel beam in a gymnasium and a couple of cycling accidents. All these accidents usually resulted in me landing on my back or on my shoulders.

Some years ago I was stationed at RAF Valley as a flying instructor. In my 40th year I had to eject from an aircraft, which resulted in 2 compression fractures in my back. I returned to flying after 3 months and continued flying for some 10 years after that with no ill effects. However, during the last 5 years in particular, ANY physical work has resulted in some of my shoulder and neck muscles becoming very stiff. The pain usually started about 2 or 3 days after some activity, commencing on one side of my shoulders and neck, before travelling up into my head and then the next day transferring to the other shoulder and commencing all over again. This resulted in tension headaches that lasted for some 24 hours, all of which was quite distressing for my wife and me, so much so that I was almost at the point of thinking that any outdoor physical activity would have to be given up permanently. However, a friend recommended Phil Brown to me and after only 3 sessions of treatment I have not suffered these back pains. I can whole heartedly recommend Phil Brown’s massage therapy. Since I commenced his course of treatment and instructions on how to alleviate further stress, I have been able to recommence all my former activities.”

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