3 Top Tips for lower back pain!!

January 21st, 2019 by Phil Brown


Got a gripe in your lower back that just won’t go away? Feel like you’re carrying a gremlin in your lumbar spine? Here are our TOP 3 TIPS for getting rid of lower back pain!

Before anything else though, it is always worth checking things with your GP. Low back pain can be tiring and even worrying when you don’t know what’s causing it. Having a chat with your doc and getting a once over can ease tension simply by putting your mind at rest, which can help alleviate lower back pain where stress or worry is a factor.
Your GP will also be able to help if they think there is a specific cause of the pain and prescribe a course of action to suit.

So without further ado, check out out my 3 top tips for reducing lower back pain!!

Top Tip #1

Sit less!!

Sitting is the elephant in the room when it comes to lower back pain. The more sitting in your day the more prone you will be to lower back pain. Most of us sit in a position that lacks tension in the muscles that support the back and so the lower back gets a constant pounding even when we aren’t even moving around!

If you sit at work, try to take a break and move around every 20 minutes. It’s a habit worth forming. Setting an alarm to remind you is a great idea to build the habit.

A standing desk is also a great idea, but remember to alternate with periods of sitting so your body gets used to standing for longer.

Top Tip #2

Strengthen your leg and core muscles!!

Reactivating weak leg and core muscles (your core muscles are the muscles that stabilise and support your lower back, pelvis and torso) by doing exercise is a MUST. These muscles, when not used regularly or efficiently, tend to go to sleep and never wake up again unless we wake them up!!!
Try an exercise class or some one to one coaching with a trainer or coach who knows their stuff!! Exercise does not need to be a full on siege, but simply enough to stimulate those muscles into doing their job supporting your tired and achey lower back again!!

Top Tip #3


Stress and anxiety are MAJOR contributants to lower back pain.
Identifying the stress factors in your life and then learning ways to consciously relax the tensions in your body can be life changing. There are plenty of ways to start learning to relax, from breathing techniques to taking walks in the open air……………learn to chill out and relax and this will also have a globally beneficial effect on your central nervous system and improve your physical and mental health.

Bottom line is, by making simple changes and developing new habits, your lower back pain can be minimised significantly if not removed all together!

If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain, please give my clinic a call and I’d be happy to see you for consultation and deep tissue massage, as well as prescribing effective exercises to help you get free from the tiring pattern of pain.

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